What is Kinesiology?



Kinesiology is a multidisciplinary science encompassing anatomy, biomechanics, physiology, psychomotor behaviour, and social and cultural factors. It is this multidisciplinary approach to movement and human performance that makes Kinesiology an important contributor to health and wellness


Kinesiology uses non-invasive methods (muscle testing) to find out exactly what is happening with the emotional, physical and chemical aspects of your body.  Once identified what is happening in your body, better balance for better performance can be achieved and maintained to improve your life on every level.


A balance takes about 1 hour as it is a thorough correction for your specific issue. 


An assessment is made to see what is working well and not working optimally in the body.  Different techniques are then used to return the body as close to optimal health as possible.


We listen to your body to see which is the priority healing technique for that moment to ensure a long-lasting effect from the balance.


Sarah often use the analogy of a jug cord.  When you buy a new kettle, it might take exactly 2 minutes to boil the tap water to exactly 100˚C.  A power cord is several copper wires wrapped in an outer sheath. After a couple of months and the cord has been jammed in a drawer a few times and had normal “wear and tear”, the kettle will still boil water, but it might take 2 mins and 10sec and might only boil it to 98˚C.  The kettle is working, but not at optimal performance.


As humans, we are similar, but of course more complicated.  The jug cord only has physical stress, whereas we have chemical, physical and emotional stress to deal with.


As a Kinesiologist it is my job to work out which bits are not working optimally and help you restore them to a greater functionality. 


It is this “detective” work, experience and the use of muscle testing that helps work out which protocols to use to achieve this.  The extra training and life experience that Sarah has really helps in making sure you get the best customised and individual treatment that you deserve for long lasting benefits.

How can it Help?


Kinesiology addresses aspects including:


  • Emotional Support and tools to initially “keep your head above water”, but ultimately to thrive in our response to stress and confusion (both internal and external);

  • Allergy Testing – through muscle testing and/or hair testing;

  • Bad Backs – Sarah has refined her own special technique to assist with chronic back pain and is having great success with it;

  • Sabotage Programs – how are you limiting your own growth?  These are often things you know about, it is just helpful having someone help you work out what they are and then how to deal with them;

  • Communication – with ourselves and with others.  Subtle changes in how we communicate can make a huge positive change in all our relationships – with self, partners, children, friends and work colleagues;

  • Pain

  • Weight Loss – is your excess weight due to diet, emotional issues, physical restraints or biochemical imbalances in your system;

  • Fatigue and Tiredness

  • Personal Development

  • Lifestyle Enhancement

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Respiratory Issues

  • Nervous Disorders

  • Food Sensitivities – Kinesiology can help you work out what is going to help you thrive both in the short-term and ultimately in the long-term

  • Sports Injuries


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